the world premiere of

commissioned by solas nua
by tom swift
directed by jo mangan
may 19th – june 5th, 2011

uline building, 3rd & m street ne

dc is a city dedicated to remembrance.  its monuments and museums pay tribute to the memory of heroes and great historic deeds.  but right at the heart of the city, an entire neighbourhood has been erased from the collective memory.  its name was swampoodle.  in conjunction with the performance corporation, dublin’s award-winning theatre company, we will perform on the geographical trace of this notorious 19th century irish shanty town, interweaving its historical absence through the often invisible african-american community that currently resides there.  swampoodle will create a phantasmic archaelogical journey through a notorious forgotten place, an urban ghost story still in the making.

for more information visit solas nua


2 responses to “swampoodle

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  2. Wish I had seen this piece as it is relevant to the work I have been doing on H St. both as a dance teacher at Atlas and as a performer and choreographer with Glade Dance Collective. I hope to see your work presented again or have the chance to talk to you about your historical findings and observations of Swampoodle past and present.

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