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Julie Feeney is here!!!

The lovely Julie Feeney arrived in DC on monday night.  She came in on a train from NYC where she had been staying with friends the week prior to her arrival. Her first 15 minutes in the District were somewhat of a mission to stay alive.  Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but between a cab driver zooming off with the cab door still open, and the elevator doors opening up behind us into the laundry room, Julie was convinced she wasn’t going to make it to her hotel room without something else crazy happening.  But we got her settled safe and sound, and ready for her first performance at the Gibson Guitar Showroom.

I arrived at The Gibson Guitar Showroom Tuesday evening about a quarter to 6, Julie was already there along with 2 NYC musicians Jessica and Dave, who provided vocal and piano backing.  I took a seat and just listened as the three of them ran through the set list, the rawness of the sound without the mics was amazing.   Pairing Julie’s vocals with the subdued soprano of Jessica, creates an almost haunting quality to the songs.

Award-winning composer, singer, orchestrator and producer of critically acclaimed albums, pages and 13 songs. Her unique innovative sound while rooted in classical music straddles the pop and theatrical worlds. She received a 10-minute standing ovation from a capacity audience at Ireland’s premier National Concert Hall recently for her own show. She has just self-orchestrated her music for the RTÉ Concert Orchestra for live national broadcast and is currently touring in U.K., U.S. and France.

Julie played a little over an hour long set, and the audience loved every minute of it.  She graciously signed copies of her two albums as the line wrapped around the room.  If you missed her performance last, don’t worry she’s got 3 more this week.  Tonight she will be performing at The Pinkline Project’s Salon Contra (this show is sold out).  On Thursday she will perform at Goldleaf Studios and Friday she will be holding a pop-up concert (the location to be announced).  Follow us on Twitter to learn the location.

These may be the most amazing shoes I've ever seen

Impossibly Beautiful, a beautifully orchestrated piece


Wrapping up Improbable Frequency

It’s been almost a week since we wrapped on Improbable Frequency which means it’s reflection time.  Here is where we get to do a post mortem, we look back on the crazy wild adventure that was improbable frequency.

So what is it that we have learned.  Well for starters, putting on a musical is quite an undertaking, but that’s what we do here at Solas Nua, we aim high.  We never take the easy way out, because good art doesn’t come out of easy.  And we did it, the show came together in a dizzying array song, dance, and word play like none that Solas Nua had seen before.  Our cast was amazing and we thank all of them for the time and effort they put in.  It was fun guys 🙂

What else did we learn, well, when giving people a password to enter a super secret club, using the term ‘cruciverbalist’ may not be your best option.  While it makes perfect sense once you’ve seen the tongue twisting, word bending spectacular, your patrons invariably will look at you like you’re insane and tentatively make their way to the elevator wondering if they will ever remember that crazy phrase by the time they reach the 6th floor.  Word to the wise, pick normal english words like radio waves or atomic… but where’s the fun in that right?!

Perhaps another insightful revelation we stumbled upon is that there’s something to this ‘site specific’ thing.  All the rumblings I’ve been hearing are that people are really excited to get out of the traditional theatre and experience something new.  we’re the only theatre company in DC that is doing this right now, and it’s great that so many people are behind it.  And what’s even better, it doesn’t end here.  We’ve got more fantastic venues ready and waiting to be transformed into the ultimate theatre experience.  We think you’re gonna be impressed with all of them.

Even after all the lessons learned the most important things we have taken away is the amazing dedication of you guys.  With the exception of one or two evenings our house, or more precisely our night club, was full.  We can’t thank you all enough

So that’s it folks.  Improbable Frequency is officially closed and it’s full steam ahead.  November is a cornucopia of events starting with the incomparable Julie Feeney, followed by a special collaboration with Project Brand New including Úna McKevitt’s Conceived and Directed.  Then we round out the month with visual artist Karl Burke.  In short we’ve got a jam packed month with some pretty amazing artists that you will not want to miss.

introducing…season six

"Ireland" (image credit Jason McCool)

monday night ushered in a new season here at solas nua.   for those of you who missed it, the fridge graciously hosted us for the evening.  jukebox chronicles provided the live entertainment.

"jukebox chronicles" (image credit Jason McCool)

the new website went live earlier monday morning, which is exciting.  you can now get a full view of what season six will look like.  and let me tell you, it’s bigger and better than ever.  this season we are bringing you more music, more theatre, visual artists that bend the realms of perception, rock star writers, a bigger and better film festival, free movies, free books, and all around brilliant programming.

the brochures arrived in the afternoon and all of us in the office were excited to get those boxes opened and take a look at the finished product.  they came out beautifully.

there was of course the last minute running around that goes with any major event, but we made it over to the fridge by 5:30 to start the set-up for the evenings festivities.  the space was perfect, not too big and not too small, but just right.  we kicked things off in style with a a little standard number from jukebox chronicles.  they rocked all night long jumping from owl city, to frank sinatra and even a little taylor swift. yes you heard right taylor swift.  by the end of the evening folks were dancing and having an all around grand time.

dan made the official announcement around 7:30 informing the audience that this seasons theatre program was going to be amazing (you even have to sign a waiver before attending one of the shows). this season our theatre is all site specific, a feat not yet attempted by any other theatre company in dc. improbably frequency will be in a speakeasy, complete with secret password and hidden doors.  swampoodle will take up house in the old uline building off of the new york avenue metro stop, in the historically irish neighborhood. for music we’ve got 3 amazing artists julie feeney, caoimhin ó raghaillagh and duke special.  Julie will be performing in a shop window for street viewing pleasure.  basically this season rocks and all of our programming has something that makes it unique and special.  we hope you enjoy

here are some images from monday nights festivities

"Dan" (image credit Jason McCool)

"look at that turnout" (image credit Jason McCool)

"chris, rex & ronan" (image credit Jason McCool)

(image credit Jason McCool)

"gabby & joe" (image credit Jason McCool)

(image credit Jason McCool)

"stephanie" (image credit Jason McCool)

For more photos from the evening check out our flickr gallery

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