introducing…season six

"Ireland" (image credit Jason McCool)

monday night ushered in a new season here at solas nua.   for those of you who missed it, the fridge graciously hosted us for the evening.  jukebox chronicles provided the live entertainment.

"jukebox chronicles" (image credit Jason McCool)

the new website went live earlier monday morning, which is exciting.  you can now get a full view of what season six will look like.  and let me tell you, it’s bigger and better than ever.  this season we are bringing you more music, more theatre, visual artists that bend the realms of perception, rock star writers, a bigger and better film festival, free movies, free books, and all around brilliant programming.

the brochures arrived in the afternoon and all of us in the office were excited to get those boxes opened and take a look at the finished product.  they came out beautifully.

there was of course the last minute running around that goes with any major event, but we made it over to the fridge by 5:30 to start the set-up for the evenings festivities.  the space was perfect, not too big and not too small, but just right.  we kicked things off in style with a a little standard number from jukebox chronicles.  they rocked all night long jumping from owl city, to frank sinatra and even a little taylor swift. yes you heard right taylor swift.  by the end of the evening folks were dancing and having an all around grand time.

dan made the official announcement around 7:30 informing the audience that this seasons theatre program was going to be amazing (you even have to sign a waiver before attending one of the shows). this season our theatre is all site specific, a feat not yet attempted by any other theatre company in dc. improbably frequency will be in a speakeasy, complete with secret password and hidden doors.  swampoodle will take up house in the old uline building off of the new york avenue metro stop, in the historically irish neighborhood. for music we’ve got 3 amazing artists julie feeney, caoimhin ó raghaillagh and duke special.  Julie will be performing in a shop window for street viewing pleasure.  basically this season rocks and all of our programming has something that makes it unique and special.  we hope you enjoy

here are some images from monday nights festivities

"Dan" (image credit Jason McCool)

"look at that turnout" (image credit Jason McCool)

"chris, rex & ronan" (image credit Jason McCool)

(image credit Jason McCool)

"gabby & joe" (image credit Jason McCool)

(image credit Jason McCool)

"stephanie" (image credit Jason McCool)

For more photos from the evening check out our flickr gallery

brieahn j.


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